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Earplanes™ are a disposable Ear Plug System that takes the ear pain or discomfort out of flying. The secret to Earplanes™ is the patented CeramX™ filter which is engineered to allow air entering the ear to naturally adjust to the changing rate of air pressure on the eardrum during takeoff and landing.



  • Earplanes™ are for airplane travelers who suffer from ear discomfort during takeoff and landing.
  • Earplanes™ are for people with sensitive ears or people who must fly even though suffering with a cold, allergy or sinus condition.
  • Earplanes™ are not recommend for use in the event of severe sinus congestion (completely blocked Eustachian tubes).
  • EarPlanes™ are a revolutionary new air pressure regulating ear plugs. They were developed by the House Ear Institute, the leading ear research institute in the country, and tested by U.S. Navy pilots.
  • EarPlanes™ also act as noise suppression ear plugs. Many users report that EarPlanes™ seem to filter out much of the objectionable high frequency noise generated by aircraft engines. Most importantly though, airline flight safety announcements may still be heard (and headsets worn) by users.
  • NRR - 20.
  • It is recommended that the Earplanes™ be disposed of after two flights since during operation, air flows through the microscopic pores of the ceramic filter. Moisture, particles of smoke, pollen and airborne bacteria eventually "clog" the filter and reduce it's effectiveness.
  • Size Adult - 11 years and older.

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