Mini Dry-Aid

Mini Dry-Aid

SKU: 5588255

Helps to secure longer life and continuous efficiency for hearing aids. Moisture is the enemy of all hearing aids.


The Hal-Hen® Mini Dri-Aid™ effectively remove daily accumulation of moisture in hearing aids, earmolds and tubing. Hal-Hen® Dri-Aid™ works as the user sleeps.
Hal-Hen® Mini Dri-Aid™ helps prevent damage due to excessive moisture.


  • The drying agent used in Hal-Hen® Mini Dri-Aid™ can be rejuvenated in a standard oven. The special indicator tells you when.
  • Hal-Hen® Mini Dri-Aid™ protects all types of hearing aids: eyeglass, body, BTE and ITE.


To Reactivate in coventional oven
Heat the metal container in an over at apox 350 degree for 30 minutes or until blue color is restored to the beads. Allow to cool before reusing. Repeat as required. *DO NOT place outer plastic container in any over at any time.