SKU: 7741269985

A phone for hearing aid wearers – and the entire family.


PHONE DEX 2 is appropriate for anyone who uses Widex Evoke and future Widex hearing aids. Excludes micro CIC model.

With a large and intuitive color display, PHONE DEX 2 is incredibly easy to use. Just hold the phone normally, and audio streams automatically to your hearing aids. 

PHONE-DEX 2 works as a conventional phone as well, so friends and family can use the phone too. It even has an integrated answering machine, so you never miss an important message.


PHONE-DEX 2 can store up to 150 contacts and comes with a base station that works as a charger. You get 14 hours of phone time and 320 hours standby. With a range of about 160 feet, you can use it throughout the household. And if you'd rather have a second handset, you can purchase one with its own charging base.



  • Direct communication in both hearing aids
  • Amplifier for extra loud sounds
  • Emergency button
  • Built-in voice mailbox with 25-minute recording capacity
  • Directory of 150 contacts
  • Second handset and charging station available separately
  • Adjustable font size
  • LED incoming call signal
  • Alarm function
  • Large color screen
  • Autonomy: 14 hours' talking time and 320 hours' standby
  • Hands-free function from base and handset