Recreation Package

Recreation Package

SKU: 77789965

Thr Recreation Package is available for retirement and long-term care homes in need of a professional and portable sound system. It can be used to support group meetings, seminars, and activities. 


Our Recreation Package by Roger is the new digital standard that bridges the understanding gap, in noise and over distance, by wirelessly transmitting the speaker’s voice directly to the listener. Perfect for the hearing impaired, and for social functions in any size room or auditorium. 


No installation required. The Recreation  Package is portable and easy to use.  


Package Includes:

  • 2 Roger DigiMaster soundfield speakers
  • 2 Roger DigiMaster floor stands
  • 2 audio cables 3m
  • 1 Roger Touchscreen Mic
  • 1 Protection cover for the Roger Touchscreen Mic
  • 2 Roger Pass-around Mics
  • 2 Roger Pass-around Mic stands
  • 1 Roger Multimedia Hub
  • 10 Roger MyLinks 1.1 
  • 10 Headphones (MyLink)
  • 2 DigiMaster 7000 Carrying Cases


Contact us today if you have any questions about this package or if you would like to customize it further. 226-268-1884